Service Title


General Cleaning

Our scope of services cover all aspects of general cleaning activities consisting of dusting, Washing pressure washing, polishing surfaces & floor, washing wall and roof, Mopping, Pool Cleaning. Sweeping, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, Disposing of General and more.

And cleaning commercial, residential, Water Tank, Swimming Pools, Façade Via Rope Access and Cradle System, and Pest Control Services etc…


Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning

Shalfa’s experience and competence enables it to execute just about every indoor cleaning activity possible.   Our ever growing client base is a testimony to our expertise and we are experienced in working in various locations such as offices, public and commercial building, airport, shopping mall, presidential complexes, ultra hygiene establishments such as food production facilities and hospitals.  Cleaning of exterior is also as importance as the interiors and is key in attracting people to a location, be it parking lots, road, stadium, municipalities or any kind of paved area.


Office Cleaning

We ensure a consistent and high standard of office cleaning by using specially trained and experience Office cleaners for the job.  Whether it is general cleaning (daily cleaning, carpet vacuum & washroom cleaning) Or more specialized office cleaning (deep cleaning, window cleaning, post construction cleaning)  our strict Employment policy ensure that only the most skilled cleaners.

Building & Post Construction Cleaning & Pest Control Services

We are specialized in extensive and deep cleaning of building that includes cleaning and vacuuming floor Portions, walls and all the necessary work to prepare a building prior to its occupation or handover along with Anti-termite rodent control and pest control services as required.


Façade Cleaning

Shalfa Group has many methods for cleaning façades with Manpower has undertaken extensive training in accordance to local municipality standard.  The experience and cleaning techniques that we adopts provide a sympatric and flexible approach to all façade cleaning requirements these are


Via Cradle System

We have experience team members who do the external glass window cleaning via cradle system, not only guaranteed well-trained staff but it will be a quick and easy jobs that is environmentally friendly and coast effective.  The cradle system provide safety for our operatives and they will be able to put their professional Services in place at height on contractual or call out basis.


Via Rope Access

With the world moving towards a new era and greater heights, maintaining and reaching these elevated structure is not straight-forward, however with the help of rope access,  Shalfa FM has the ability to provide a solution to many of these problems.  Rope access is usually carried out in many inaccessible areas;  it is proven to be cost effective and time efficient I.R.A.T.A. training and regulations provides our technicians with the knowledge and safety skills to also work in hazardous conditions.


Via Scaffolding

For all the reachable height of external or internal areas façade cleaning can be done through the scaffolding and Extension poles to reach the height from the ground level with all safety conditions.


Swimming Pool Cleaning

Shalaf FM pool cleaning technicians are highly trained and have depth knowledge of swimming pools which puts us ahead of all the competition.  Regardless of what type of pool you have, there is a need to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on it.


We can offer top quality pool service with competitive rates for residential and commercial pools as below service:

  1. Pool Cleaning
  2. Maintaining Pool Circulation
  3. Checking Automatic Pool Sweep
  4. Balancing Pool Water & Pool Chemistry
  5. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports